Matteo A. Bof
He is an Italian born (Genoa) man, Naturalized
American (Los Angeles) after his professional athlete
water-sport achievements, Marine & Avionics
Test-Pilot expertise related to services/R&D projects
for the military environment and Motion Pictures
experience; Within the past twenty years Matteo has
provided innovative services augmented through his
Dual Citizenship formative culture and established
relationships in the Int. Business arena. He is still
riding surfboards, enjoying the outdoor sports and
professionally focusing on few/new automotive,
marine and avionics industrial technologies,
environmentally advanced mostly defining safety
issues and related systems;
Above all, Matteo is a passionate developer of global
Motion Pictures Product Placement & collaterals ;
early 2015 he started a New-Co also based in USA
California, through a revolutionary approach as  
B.O.M. (Business Opportunity Maker);

He is focusing on breaking new grounds in developing
Sales reaching every TGT possible.
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Live Cam Personal Advisor                

As a "of the box" and personalized solution. The
ultimate unrivalled, unrevealed method designed
to solve most of the issues in one beat, reaching
the most profitable outcome and positive results ;
If you'll be not comfortable with the advice,
the strategies and the related envisioned scenario,
then you may choose to look elsewhere

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